The candlestick time forex indicator is a trading indicator that shows the remaining closing time of the current chart candlestick on the chart. Time is crucial in trading; this forex indicator shows the time left to close the recent candlestick pattern.

Forex traders switch many timeframes while analyzing the different price charts to find a trading setup. After finding a setup, they don’t need to calculate the current candlestick’s remaining time but use the B clock indicator. candlestick-time-indicator-for-mt4

How does the candlestick time indicator work in mt4?

The working principle of the B clock indicator is very straightforward. It will show the remaining time in the top left corner and above the candlesticks.

The indicator will show the remaining time in the written format in the top left corner, like 38 minutes and 30 seconds remaining for candlestick closing. While it also shows in the time format, like 38:30. Which means 38 minutes and 30 secs.

It is a handy indicator. For example, if you are trading with a breakout strategy, you will wait for the candlestick’s closing. So you don’t need to calculate the remaining time of the breakout candle, but this indicator will show the time on screen. candlestick-time-indicator d

candlestick time indicator time alerts

You can also set alerts using this b-clock indicator. So at candlestick closing, it will also alert you that it has been closed.

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The bottom line

A trader should always seek the help of indicators in trading. I’m not recommending you rely on the indicators in trading, but you can use these indicators for smooth and effective trading.

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