Viper Scanner Indicator is a Non-Repainting Forex Indicator designed to profit from major and minor trends. Developers claim VIPER SCANNER can make amazingly accurate market predictions Thanks to the intelligent trend analysis calculation mechanism. It also can tell you when to take a break from trading (flat market) on particular instruments.

This Indicator catches very fast and profitable price movements and gives you accessible BUY/ SELL signals. Viper Scanner provides three common types of alert features so that you will never miss a trade. It has been made super user-friendly.

It is straightforward to use even by complete forex beginners. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Just load One of 2 different Templeton on your chart. It’s so simple that Indicator doesn’t provide any customization options except for those three, which is terrible for most traders.

Viper Fx indicator can give you trading signals you can take as they are or add your additional chart analysis to filter the signals further, which is recommended. While traders of all experience levels can use this system, it can be beneficial to practice trading on an MT4 demo account until you become consistent and confident enough to go live.

You can set the Non-Repainting Indicator to send you a signal alert via Mobile Notification or platform pop-ups. This is helpful as it means you do not need to stare at the charts all day, waiting for signals to appear, and you can monitor multiple charts simultaneously.

Non-Repainting Forex Indicator can be used on any Forex currency pair and other assets such as stocks, commodities, cryptos, precious metals, oil, gas, etc. You can also use it in any time frame that suits you best, from the 1 minutes to the 1-hour charts.

It is straightforward to use even by complete forex beginners. You don’t have to be a professional to use it. Just load one of 2 different Templates to your chart.

  • Normal – VIPER_NormalMODE

This mode is recommended for most traders. It produces balanced signals with a medium risk-to-reward ratio. It’s great for typical day trading and swing trading. 

  • Fast – VIPER_FastMODE

Fast mode is recommended for more advanced traders. It produces faster signals with an increased risk-to-reward ratio. Pick this mode if you are a scalper or you prefer fast day trading swings. 

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Non-Repainting Forex Indicator Discussion

Warning! If you do not know how to set up this forex indicator, please read the MetaTrader Indicators Tutorial.

Do you have any more suggestions regarding this forex indicator? On our forum, you can always discuss the Viper Scanner Non-Repainting Indicator with the other traders and MQL programmers.