Are you tired of using complicated and unreliable Forex Indicator systems? Look no further than the “Forex Trend Scanner” MT4 trading system. This professional-level system can easily be installed on the Metatrader platform and offers dynamic pivot points, daily range detection, and precise buy and sell signals that won’t repaint.

forex trend scanner

This system is adaptable to any currency pair and time frame and offers additional features such as email notifications, smartphone trading alerts, and automatic detection warnings for daily range pips. So whether you’re a scalper, day trader, swing trader, or position trader, the Forex Trend Scanner is one of the top Forex trading strategies available.
Don’t waste any more time with unreliable systems; try the Forex Trend Scanner and start seeing the results you deserve.

Trend Scanner Forex Indicator Settings

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forex scanner mt4

Amazing Spike Alarm Detector

The Forex Trend Scanner is a powerful trading system that offers daily range threshold value notifications to help traders stay informed about the performance of a specific currency pair. By setting a threshold value, you can be notified instantly when the range surpasses your pre-set threshold via a popup window, email, or even your mobile device. This quick and accurate feature allows you to act fast and take advantage of market opportunities. So make sure to take advantage of potential profits, try the Forex Trend Scanner, and stay on top of the market with its daily range threshold value notifications.

Advanced Alerting System

The Forex Trend Scanner is a simple yet powerful trading system that makes it easy for anyone to follow market trends. With its sophisticated warning mechanism, the system offers a user-friendly interface that allows traders to spot buying and selling opportunities quickly. The arrows appear on the bar’s close, and trades can be immediately entered on the bar’s open, eliminating the need to monitor the chart constantly. The system also offers alerts that notify traders instantly when a buy-long or sell-short arrow appears via sound, popup window, email, or mobile phone. This feature is handy for traders who use higher periods, as it eliminates the need to keep their eyes glued to the chart waiting for trade signals to occur. Try the Forex Trend Scanner today and experience the ease and accuracy of the system.

Available Alerts

ArrowsAlerts: Sound and popup window, email, and mobile phone.

DailyRangeAlerts: Sound and popup window, e-mail, and mobile phone.

DailyRangePips: Put in the preferred value in pips.

AlertOn: disable/Enable all alerts.

NotificationOn: Use for Android/iPhone alerts

E-mailOn: Sends real-time alerts straight to your e-mail.

Buy & Sell Trade Logic

Open a buy entry at the first available blue color arrow to get buy entry signals.
Put a stop loss(SL) below the swing low from the last swing.
Close the purchase transaction at the contrary signal or after reaching the predetermined profit objective.

eurusd forex trend mt4

When receiving a sell entry signal, place a sell order at the first red color arrow that appears.
Put a stop loss(SL) above the swing high from the preceding period.
Close the sell entry position at a contrary indication or when the profit target has been reached.

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Forex Trend Scanner in action

First, this strategy can be used with any currency pair and period, even on the weekly chart. Never repaint a signal! It is a flexible method applied to day trading, swing chart trading, long-term currency trading, and scalping.

forex trend scanner indicator mt4
trend scanner indicator

The GBP/USD 15-minute mt4 chart is an example. Red color arrows and the red trend analyzer in the top left corner of the screen indicate a short trade that immediately went to profit on an excellent buy trend reversal signal after a nice downtrend move of +230 pip.

Trend Scanner Forex Indicator MT4 Free Download

Warning! Please read the MetaTrader EA Installation Tutorial if you do not know how to set up this forex expert advisor.

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