The forex indicator, which displays all the fx news and events that can affect the forex markets along the timestamps of forex news, is called the fxr Economic Calendar Forex Indicator. 

We all know two types of chart analysis in the financial markets. The first is technical, where forex traders rely heavily on chart and candlestick chart patterns. Using the drawing tools available on forex trading platforms, they forecast the Market. 

The second is fundamental forex analysis, in which the forex traders look for any news or events from main central banks and reserve banks to predict the effect of this forex news on the currency pair. 

Working of Forex FXR Economic Calendar Indicator:

When you apply the forex indicator to the charts, the forex indicator will show the forex news in the form of an mt4 chart in a specified corner. FXR-Economic-Calender-Indicator-min

This mt4 chart includes the following types of information. 

  • The timestamp of forex news
  • The chart Pair that is most like to be affected
  • Piece of news. 

Along with this data, the forex indicator also shows the data in three different colors resonating with that news’s impacts on the respective currency pair.

The three colors used are. 

  1. Yellow: This indicates the effect of the forex news on the Pair will be low or negligible. 
  2. Orange color: The orange color represents that the mt4 currency pair will be moderately affected by the new  
  3. The red color is important because the news or event will highly influence the currency pair.

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Trading Strategy for FXR Economic Calendar Indicator:

As discussed in the first paragraph, the FXR forex indicator gives us news about the currency pair. And during that news event, the volatility in that Pair is relatively very high. So the forex Market will behave differently from what you might have predicted in your technical analysis. This forex indicator is not best for technical traders who rely primarily on chart patterns and candlestick patterns.

However, if you are a fundamental forex trader, you will look at this news or event as an opportunity, and based on your trading strategy, you can take positions that will lead you to profit.


The Economic calendar is an excellent forex indicator that you can use in your forex fundamental analysis. Also, if you are an area forex technical, you can take the news or Eva ent as a warning and save yourself from losses.

FXR Economic Calender Forex Indicator Free Download