News Big Movement EA is a Partially automated News Trading EA designed for MetaTrader4. It is not based on any indicators; it simply uses High impact news to trade. The technique of Forex News Trading is straightforward. After big news releases, market prices will fluctuate, either for better or worse, depending on the announcement.

For example, if the U. S. government announces the unemployment rate has gone down faster than expected by Analysts, many traders might invest in U.S. dollar because they expect its value will go up relative to other currencies.

Within minutes of a planned economic announcement, a currency pair could gain or lose one hundred pips almost instantly. Research has proved that news announcements can cause a currency to gain or lose anywhere from 20 to 300 pips, all within a few minutes. The best thing about this is that the day and time of the news releases are published in advance. You can pick exactly when to sit down in front of my computer to make my trades and make the most money in the shortest amount of time possible without knowing a thing about technical analysis.

News Trading EA works by placing 2 pending orders – either one being the one to make money, depending on the market’s direction. This way, our pending orders have our bases covered: if the market goes up or if the market goes down – there’s a pending order there to “catch the wave”.
One Second or within Microseconds before the actual release of the news, you set your pending orders, I mean both sell stop and buy stop, probably with your take profit and stop loss. Notice that before the actual release of the news, the market will be silent, waiting for what will happen.

During key news releases, broker spreads can widen and eat your profits.
While everyone else is “rolling the dice “and gambling on which direction a currency will go after a news release hits the streets, completely unsure of when to pull the trigger, and in which direction to trade, you will be armed to maximally exploit that short period of time when the market moves the most.

Please test in a demo account first for at least a week. Also, Make yourself familiar with and understand how Forex News Trading Robot works, then only use it in a real account.

Input Paramters of this News Trading EA

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  • Magic No: Magic no to track orders opened by the EA
  • BuyLots: Pending Lot size you want to use for buy pending
  • Buy_SL: Buy Pending Order Stop Loss
  • Buy_TP: Buy Pending Order Take Profit
  • Buy_PriceOffset: Distance from the current market price to where the Buy stop will be set.
  • SellLots: Pending Lot size you want to use for sell pending
  • Sell_SL: Sell Pending Order Stop Loss
  • Sell_TP: Sell Pending Order Take Profit
  • Sell_PriceOffset: Distance from the current market price to where the Sell stop will be set.
  • Remove_Opposit_Order: If set to TRUE, it means if any of the Pending Stop get activated, it will delete the other pending order immediately
  • Use_Trailing_Stop: if set to True: will use the input you inserted into:
  • TrailingStop, TrailingGap, and NewTakeProfit to manage the trades.
  • Use_PartialClose: If set to True, it will manage your Orders based on lot size.
    • Example: if the original opened order is with 0.4 lots and set parameter Leave Lots to 0.2, then at PartialStop, this will close 0.2 lots and leave 0.2 lots still open. This feature checks for minimal lots value allowed by your broker.
  • Use_Breakeven: If set to TRUE. It will set your stop loss of the triggered pending order into entry price once the price moves positively with the number you set in BreakEvenStop.
  • Note: You can use all these features together…{TrailingStop, PartialClose and BreakEven}

Please Read the Manual Before use

  • You can attach it on any timeframe, but I prefer M1 or M5 TimeFrame.
  • After a few seconds after the news, if the pending does not trigger – Just delete it.
  • For best performance, We Recommend running MarketMaker EA 24/5. Recommend using a VPS (Reliable and Trusted FOREX VPS – FXVM)
  • Fixed Spread ECN account is Highly recommended (Find the Perfect Broker For You Here)

Forex News Trading Discussion

Warning! Please read the MetaTrader EA Installation Tutorial if you do not know how to set up this forex expert advisor.

Do you have any more suggestions regarding this forex EA? You can always discuss the News Big Movement EA with the other traders an