TD Sequential Ultimate Forex MetaTrader indicator shows all parts of the TD Sequential method developed by the legendary technical analyst Tom DeMark. TD Sequential Ultimate displays the Buy and Sell Setup, including the Setup Perfection arrows, Buy and Sell Countdowns, the failed count 13 attempts, and TDST Chart Support and Resistance levels. Unlike many other implementations of the indicator TD Sequential method, this forex indicator offers multiple improvements:

  • Recalculates only those that require recalculation, making it work faster, especially on lower mt4 timeframes.
  • The distance from chart candlestick highs and lows to count values is recalculated using pixel-to-price ratios depending on the mt4 chart scale and font size, ensuring consistent non-overlapping indicator output across all trading instruments.
  • Everything is calculated according to the original forex TD Sequential rules. For example, Countdown chart candles can be non-consequential, while Setup Perfection can come any number of candles after Count 9 is printed.
  • All output is available as forex indicator buffers for easy integration into other indicators or expert advisors via the iCustom() function.
  • Alerts on multiple conditions and via various media are built into the indicator.

This indicator is available for MetaTrader versions 4 and 5 and doesn’t use any other forex indicators in its code.

What is TD Sequential?

TD Sequential is a strategy developed by Tom DeMark to provide a quantitative measure of a budding chart reversal in a trend. It is based on three other main concepts: Buy/Sell Setup, which entry signals at least a partial chart trend exhaustion; Buy/Sell Setup Perfection, which signals a high likelihood of chart trend at least stagnating; and Buy/Sell Countdown, which indicates that the initial trend’s momentum is drained.

TD Sequential Ultimate forex indicator adds another technique of Tom DeMark’s authorship to the mix — TDST chart Support/Resistance levels. They are based on the Buy/Sell Set up candles and provide robust levels of support and resistance. You can use Those alone or with the rest of the TD Sequential system.

If you want to learn how forex TD Sequential works and how you can trade currency pairs using this technical forex indicator, please refer to the following resources:

Input parameters


  • MaxBars (main default = 1000) — how many bars to calculate TD Sequential for. Zero value means the indicator will calculate its counts for all available bars. The higher the number, the slower the forex indicator will work.


  • BuySetupColor (main default = clrLime) — the color of the Buy Setup counts and Perfection arrows.
  • SellSetupColor (main default = clrRed) — color of the Sell Setup counts and Perfection arrows.
  • CountdownColor (main default = clrOrange) — color of the Countdown values.
  • FontFace (main default = “Verdana”) — font face to use for counts.
  • FontSize (main default = 12) — font size to use for counts.
  • ArrowWidth (main default = 2) — arrow size for Setup Perfection.
  • PixelDistance (main default = 3) — the vertical distance between count objects in pixels.
  • Prefix (main default = “TDS_”) — text prefix for naming chart objects.


  • AlertOnSetup (main default = false) — trigger alert when Buy/Sell Setup is finished (count #9 is printed).
  • AlertOnPerfecting (main default = false) — trigger alert when Buy/Sell Setup is perfected (an arrow appears).
  • AlertOnCount13 (main default = false) — trigger alert when Countdown candle #13 appears.
  • AlertOnSupportResistance (main default = false) — trigger alert when a candle closes above resistance or below support.
  • Alternative (main default = false) — if true, then a native popup alert will be issued each time an alert event occurs.
  • AlertEmail (main default = false) — alerts will be sent via Email if true. Email should be properly configured in forex MetaTrader via Tools->Options-> Email.
  • AlertNotification (main default = false) — if true, it will send alerts via push notifications to your smart mobile device. You need to set up mt4 MetaQuotes ID in forex MetaTrader via Tools->Options->Notifications for this to work well properly.

Usage TD Sequential Ultimate

There are many ways to trade based on the forex TD Sequential technique. The main point is that Tom DeMark developed the framework to find potential reversals in chart trends. For example, the Countdown mark 13 is believed to coincide often with the chart trend’s top or bottom. Another method to work with forex TD Sequential is to buy/sell following a perfected Setup close to a chart support/resistance, but none of the candles closed below/above that chart support/resistance.

My observations of the indicator on Forex pairs suggest that chart support and resistance levels printed by forex TD Sequential offer quite good levels for entering and exiting trades. Closing below support or above a resistance line to go short or long, respectively.

However, this forex indicator strategy doesn’t seem to be providing any sustainable edge without applying confirmations from additional technical forex indicators or fundamental signals.

Indicator buffers

If you would like to use forex TD Sequential outputs in your custom indicator or expert advisor(EA), you can access them via forex indicator buffers:

  • Buffer #0 — TDST chart Resistance: actual price level. EMPTY_VALUE is an empty value.
  • Buffer #1 — TDST chart Support: actual price level. EMPTY_VALUE is an empty value.
  • Buffer #2 — Setup: candle number – positive for Buy entry Setup, negative for Sell entry Setup. 0 on empty value.
  • Buffer #3 — Countdown: candle number – positive for Buy Countdown, negative for Sell Countdown. 0 on empty value.
  • Buffer #4 — Setup Perfection: 1.0 for Buy Set up Perfection, -1.0 for Sell Set up Perfection. 0 on empty value.


TD Sequential Ultimate for MetaTrader 4

TD Sequential Ultimate for MetaTrader 5

TD Sequential Ultimate indicator is being developed via a dedicated GitHub repository. You can actively participate in improving this indicator by submitting your features via pull requests and reviewing existing suggestions, changes, fixes, and so on.


Warning! If you do not know how to set up this indicator, please read the forex MetaTrader Indicators Tutorial.

Do you have any more suggestions regarding this forex indicator? You can always discuss TD Sequential Ultimate with the other FX traders and MQL programmers on the indicators forums.