Supremo FX Signals is based on a pivot, support/resistance, and forex trend trading. At no one time does the forex trader have to deal with any part of forex market analysis. All that is you need is to follow the indicator’s simple buy or sell signals.

Forex beginners who don’t know anything else about forex trading can still make a lot of money by simply copying and pasting the signals of any trading platform for any forex broker you choose to work with.

Supremo FX forex indicator is mainly designed for support and resistance forex trading systems. This means that this forex indicator takes advantage of price swings between forex resistance and support levels.

The indicator’s settings have all forex support and resistance levels listed, from R1 to L4. The supports and resistance are valid while the Ls is set to be false, meaning note to use. The maximum support and resistance levels are S1-2-3 and R1-2-3, respectively.

The indicator also can follow major trends by using two trend filters. The forex trader is left with the option of using one or both filters to get the signals according to the current forex main trend.

When using this forex indicator for the first time on any chart, you may not see any signal. As an alternative to waiting for a signal to be generated on the current time frame, you can toggle between the time frames until you get an alert on one of them. the-SupremoFX-indicator-showing-its-not-time-to-trade

Fig.1. The SupremoFX indicator shows it’s not time to trade.

For example, if you started using the indicator on the H1 time frame and there are no entry signals shown on the chart, switch to another time frame starting from 5Min to the highest timeframe allowed on your mt4 platform until you get a signal. If still there is no signal generated, just use the indicator on another currency pair.

Supremo FX Indicator Placing orders

This indicator has two types: the primary type and the pro version. The pro version is a good upgrade of the basic version, and it is the best and most advisable to use. Both provide their entry signals on the top left corner of the chart.

When using the primary indicator, you will see the signals in this form:

fxcracked form-of-signal-given-when-using-the-basic-typ-of-the-SupremoFX

Fig.2. Form of the signal given when using the primary type of the Supremo FX.

The above snapshot shows that the indicator only gives one line of entry signal that tells you whether to buy entry or sell while giving the stop loss(SL) and target points(TP). This move goes with the major market trend of the market.

However, when you use the Turbo version of the forex indicator, you will have the option to see double-entry signals that would look like this:

form-of-the-signal-given-when-using-the-trbo-version-of-the-Supremo-indicator fxcracked

Fig.3. Form of the entry signal given when using the turbo version of the Supremo FX forex indicator.

The difference between the two types of this forex indicator is that with the turbo version, you can enter a trade on both sides of the trend simultaneously, while with the basic version, you can only enter a trade on one side of the move.

Sometimes, the trader can get signals based on support and resistance points, although this often doesn’t happen.

With the Turbo version, you have the simple option to trade all kinds of price movements. That, of course, means more profit opportunities.

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