The secret signal indicator is a forex trading strategy. It uses a single indicator that looks like a MACD histogram. The system is really easy to understand. Any new beginner forex trader should be able to easily trade this strategy. Forex Secret Signal indicator doesn’t use any complicated tools. The forex Secret signal indicator is a perfect system for swing traders. This forex trading strategy can trade with any mt4 currency pair in any chart timeframe. However, it is not much recommended to trade on a 1-minute chart since the forex market is too choppy on the 1-minute chart, and even the more minor impact news events can create more significant fluctuations on the 1-minute chart.

Forex secret signal indicator consists of red and green color histograms, which indicate the bullish and bearish market conditions. The main idea of using this strategy is that you buy entry only when the histograms are green color and sell only when the histogram is red color. Making money in the forex trading market could have been easier if it was this simple to follow the system and grab pips. We should accept the fact that the strategy itself is not the problem. The problem lies in our mind, our own state of mind.

Fear and greed drive the forex traders so much that they forget their initial plan and follow the path of destruction. One cannot stick to their program due to a lack of self-discipline. One should develop the habit of making a trading plan and following it no matter what. A well-planned trade means defining your entry and exit levels even before you enter the trade. Most traders who lose in the forex trading market open position before and begin to think right after that, which is a guaranteed method to simple failure.

When the Forex Secret Signal indicator is correctly loaded on your forex trading platform, your trading mt4 chart should look like this: Forex Secret Signal

Above, you can see forex histograms moving in positive and negative territory, and the central line remains at the zero level. This forex indicator is all about plotting the wars between the bears and bulls in the form of a histogram, nothing more than that.

Buying Conditions Using Forex Secret Signal system. Forex Secret Signal
  • It should form a bullish bar.
  • Forex secret signal indicator should have a green histogram.
  • Open a buy entry position when both of the above conditions are met.
  • Put your stop just below the recent swing low.
  • Take your profit when the red histogram is formed.

Selling Conditions Using Forex Secret Signal.

fxcracked Forex Secret Signal indicator
  • It should form a bearish bar.
  • Forex secret signal indicator should have a red histogram.
  • Open a Sell entry position when both of the above conditions are met.
  • Put your stop just above the chart’s recent swing high.
  • Take your profit when the green histogram is formed.

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Secret Signal Forex Indicator Free Download