MT4 Enhanced cross-hair is an MT5 style cross-hair indicator with some features that don’t exist in MT5 either. This is just a simple indicator to help you easily and conveniently count pips and bars. The main reason to post this indicator is that I really like this indicator, and it’s been a lot of help for me.

This Indicator original publisher ForexFactory post HERE.

Features of MT5 Style cross-hair

  1. MT5 style cross-hair to measure points and number of bars between two coordinates.
  2. Unlike MT4/MT5, you can scroll the chart while setting the cross-hair coordinates.
  3. Automatically syncs cross-hairs across all open charts with the same symbol. (only one indicator instance is necessary)
  4. Toggle cross-hairs with a stylized button that can be placed in any corner of the chart.
  5. Toggle cross-hairs with a hot-key of choice.
  6. Toggle coordinate locking with double-clicks.
  7. Set the color of cross-hairs to your color of choice.

How to use MT4 Enhanced cross-hair

  1. Save in the indicators folder and run as an indicator.
  2. Select inputs
  3. Toggle on the cross-hair with your hot-key or the toggle button.
  4. Double-click the left mouse button to lock the first time/price coordinate.
  5. Double-click again to lock the second time/price coordinate.
  6. Double-click a third time to reset locks and start over.
MT5 Style cross hair for MT4 FREE Download