The impulsive signal forex indicator is an mt4 indicator made of macd and exponential moving averages to generate buy and sell entry signals on the chart. 

Both macd and forex EMA are the best indicators to identify trends and chart trend reversals. 

How does an impulsive signal forex indicator work?

When moving average(MA) crossover and macd crossover happen, this indicator generates the signal. 

This indicator works in a separate window, showing the buy or sell signals in bars. The bars of the mt4 indicator consist of three different colors.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

The red bar color in the impulse signal forex indicator indicates that buyers are controlling the forex market, and the market is bullish. The green color bar color represents the bearish chart trend and the momentum of sellers. The blue color indicates that the market is moving sideways on the mt4 chart. The trend is neither bullish nor bearish. Price is ranging sideways. impulse-indicator-mt4-1

How does an impulse signal indicator generate signals?

Buy signal

When the indicator bar color turns green, it is a buy signal. Place a buy order after the green bar signal and hold the trade until the bar color changes from a green color to red or blue. Then exit the trade.

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Sell signal

When the impulse indicator’s bar color turns red, it is a sell signal. So place a sell order just after the confirmation and keep holding the trade until the bar color changes from red to green color or blue. Sometimes you will get good profits by following this strategy.

Ranging market

When the bar color changes to blue, it signals to stop trading. Because the forex market is in the ranging period. Many false entry signals are generated during the market-ranging periods. That’s why you should avoid forex trading until a new chart trend starts in the form of a green or red color bar in the indicators window.

The bottom line

Impulse signal indicators will provide alerts before a forex market starts an impulsive wave. Trading impulsive waves will generate good profits because of significant market movements in short time intervals.

You can also increase the probability of this forex indicator by using it with other confluences of the trend to make it more accurate.

Impulsive Signal Forex Indicator for MT4 FREE Download