Multi timeframe forex indicator MT4 signifies that you can check the status of a forex indicator in different timeframes, which helps you to prevent the quality of the forex indicator in a different timeframe.

The majority of forex traders trade from only one perspective. Although they’re focused on selling in a specific timeframe, they do not consider the forex market’s performance in the context.

Experienced forex traders know that it is crucial to make trades with both short-term and long-term perspectives by keeping an eye on the long-term, which is why most professional forex traders use a multi-timeframe strategy.

Most experienced traders make their trade choices based on three distinct timeframes.

  • Main timeframe chart 
  • Long-term perspective chart
  • Precise trade entry setups multi-timeframe-indicator-1

multi-timeframe indicator

Multi Timeframe Indicator

The Multi Timeframe Indicator is designed to give traders a visual representation of chart price movement across several timeframes.

This forex indicator can create an additional indicator window that displays price action based on three different chart timeframes.

It displays three sets of forex Japanese candlestick price charts, including the 30 most recent chart candles from different timeframes. As a preset, you can plot bullish chart candlesticks as lime color bars and bearish candlesticks as red color bars.

Working of Forex Multi Timeframe Indicator MT4

This Multi-Timeframe forex Indicator extracts prices for the 30 most recent candles of the three chart timeframes chosen from the broker’s price feed. Then, it plots lines of various thicknesses and heights, dependent on the price information. The result is bars that are similar to a Japanese forex candlestick.

The forex indicator repeats this procedure for each of the three chart timeframes to create an image of chart price action that displays 30 bars per timeframe.

Trading with Forex Multi Timeframe Indicator MT4

This indicator lets forex traders select the three timeframes shown in the indicator window.

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It also permits forex traders to alter the number of bars displayed per timeframe in the “BarsPerTF” variable.

It is crucial to remember that we can change the color of chart candles to fit the mt4 template’s background for your price chart. However, the third color must be the same as the chart background color.

This Multi-Timeframe forex Indicator MT4 is not a signal indicator that provides forex trading signals or trade setups. It doesn’t indicate the direction of momentum, trend, or overbought or undersold prices. It does not also draw chart support and resistance prices or levels. Instead, Mtf provides a picture of price movement based on various timeframes.

Forex Scalp traders

Scalpers forex traders can trade on the one-minute chart. forex MT4 mtf helps them to have an overview of what forex trading is happening on the five-minute, 15-minute, and 1-hour charts.

Day Traders

Day Traders who trade on the 15-minute or 30-minute chart. Mt4 mtf helps them benefit from price movement in the 4-hour and 1-hour charts and the day chart. multi-timeframe-indicator-MT4

Swing Traders

Swing Traders can trade on hourly charts. Meanwhile, they can collect price action information from the weekly, daily, or monthly charts.


Mtf MT4 indicator reveals the essential information helpful for analyzing a trade’s performance. This indicator provides the price’s movement from different time frames. The traders can understand that the price fluctuates in higher and smaller timeframes. Multi-timeframe indicator MT4 will give them a better understanding of the overall market. 

Multi timeframe Forex Indicator MT4 Free Download