FX Pulse 3.0 Forex indicator

The FX Pulse 3.0 forex indicator is used to determine the trend and also help a forex trader determine the direction in which the forex market news will move the market. It is usually an essential tool in forex trading.

While trading, the core thing, especially in long-term forex trading, where a forex trader opens an order and plans to leave it for an extended period targeting much greater profits, is to get o the right side of the current forex market trend. You will only make a good profit when you open an order in the right trend direction. If it is a sell entry order, you have to target a downtrend; if it is a buy entry order, it has to be on an up trend.

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Fig.1. the price mt4 chart FX pulse 3.0

The FX pulse 3.0 indicator shows the price chart of the current binary pair window. This price chart shows the trend direction on the various timeframes of D1 to M5. It also indicates the News that is expected from the forex economic calendars. This indicator only confirms current financial News; therefore, it can only be used by scalpers or short-term traders.

By displaying the market News, as a forex trader, you will be a step ahead and will well inform you on whether to trade or not. Also, it will help you decide whether to use risk management tactics if you have some running trades in the forex market. If you have a forex trade and the indicator has shown that there will be News, then it is good to put stop losses(SL), trailing stops, or take profits(TP) to the already opened position. This will reduce the risk of your capital being wiped all out during the News.

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Trading during news releases is hazardous and should only be done with much caution. If you make the mistake of entering with big lots and the market moves against you, you will be in for a shock. The market prices move with many pips during News, and the mt4 currency pairs get huge spreads that may require drastic movement in the market for you to make a profit. That is why it is advisable that if you are a news forex trader, you should have an indicator like this to help you decide the type of trade to open by predicting the direction the market will move.

The FX Pulse 3.0indicator is designed for MT4 platforms using any currency pairs at any time. It is also not very complicated to use

FX Pulse 3.0 Indicator settings

It has some settings that a forex trader needs to ensure are set right. These include the following:

  1. The GMT_ Offset. Depending on your location, this is used to set the offset time from the GMT. For example, if your Local time is GMT- 5, then the GMT_ Offset should be “-5”.
  2. The Sound_ Notification. This is used to enable Sound in the case of News. This is the one that is used to alert the trader in case of News.

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