This trading strategy employs the use of trading along trends in the forex market. Both the good forex profit and the half trend -1.02 forex indicators show the market trend. Therefore combining the two indicators gives the trader more confidence in the market trend, especially if the two indicators provide the same signal.

The forex trend profit forex indicator gives its signals using blue and red arrows. It is usually effective during short-term trading. The blue signal indicates a entry signal to buy, and the red color arrow shows it’s time to sell. This forex indicator also detects when the market is just about to reverse and alerts the trader if he has an open trade that is running following the present trend. However, since this forex indicator isn’t so accurate when employed alone, it is thus advisable to use another indicator in combination. Forex-Trend-Profit-Indicator

Fig. forex trend profit indicator.

This forex article will explain how to use this forex indicator together with the half trend indicator-1.02. The forex half trend indicator 1.02 also shows the market trends. It forms a blue color arrow to indicate an uptrend and a red arrow to reveal a downtrend. half-trend-v1.02-indicator

Fig. the forex half trend indicator v1.02

When to sell and buy

By combining the two forex indicators, the trader is assured of 100% profit if he opens a trade following similar signals by the two indicators. Forex-Trend-Profit-Indicator-in-combination-with-Half-Trend-indicator

Fig.Forex_Trend profit forex Indicator in combination with the Half trend v1.02 indicator.

The Forex Trend Profit indicator is somehow reluctant to give its signals. If you look at the above mt4 chart, you will notice that the half trend indicator has shown many sells and buy indicators before the forex trend forex indicator shows any. However, as a forex trader, you should learn to be patient if you don’t want to gamble as you trade.

  • Opening a buy position: the trader is supposed to place a buy order when both the Forex Trend Profits and the half trend 1.02 indicators form blue arrows. By this, you can be sure that the trend indicator isn’t fake.
  • Opening a sell position: the trader is supposed to place a sell order when both the Forex Trend Profits and the half trend 1.02 indicators form red arrows. By this, you can be sure that the trend indicator isn’t fake.

Once the orders are placed, the trader should either use stops to close the trades or wait until there is a trend reversal signal by any of the indicators, primarily the forex trend profit indicator. It would be best if you were careful not to when closing the trade order. It would be best if you did not wait for both indicators to show a reverse in the trend unless you had planned to insert a long-term order. Closing the trade when only one indicator indicates will ensure you get better profit. If you wait for both to give the signal so that you may complete, you may end up closing the trade with very few profits since the market will have retraced substantially by then.

For example, as per the above chart, the trader should close the order when the blue Forex Trend arrow forms.

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