Darvas Boxes indicator nmc was developed by a stock trader by the same name, Nicolas Darva. The trader rose to fame by turning a $25 000 fortune into $2000000. The indicator is based on momentum and trend. But unlike most trend indicators, the Darvas Boxes indicator for MT4- free download, does not predict or speculate price. Instead, it reacts to price action.

How to trade using the Darvas Boxes nmc Indicator

The indicator draws a box around ranging marketing, typically on new highs and new lows. The box connects new highs with an upper line and recent lows with a lower line. The price is considered inside the Darvas box if it touches the previous high but moves below the maximum price. The best part about the Darvas Boxes indicator is that it shows an arrow indicating whether you should enter a long or short position.

Darvas Boxes indicator can be used to identify momentum breakouts and price reversals. The indicator can also be used to identify short-term trends. For instance, the indicator would form consistently rising lines if there is a strong uptrend. The Darvas Boxes indicator works on long and short time frames hence suitable for day traders and swing traders. In addition, you can use the indicator to trade by currency pair.

Buy Signals

Identify when the price is on a tight-ranging market. Enter a buy position when the bullish candle breaks above the box’s resistance line. Set the stop loss below the Darvas boxes typically or several pips below the entry candle.


Exit when the indicator shows a sell signal hits the set profit or reaches the next resistance zone.

Sell signal

The indicator presents a sell signal when the indicator draws Darvas boxes when the price consolidates. Set the stop loss above the box, typically above the entry candle.

Exit when the indicator forms a buy signal. You can also exit when the trade hits the set and take a profit.

Trading Example

Darvas Boxes nmc MT4 Forex Indicator Free Download

The picture shows gold against the US dollar price movement. Notice how the indicator draws the box when the price consolidates. For instance, the blue arrow points to Darvas Boxes at the support level. Using an upward-pointing arrow, the indicator shows traders where and when to open a long position. An ideal stop loss should be below the box.

Similarly, a red Darvas box forms near the resistance zone with a red arrow pointing downwards. You should enter the sell position when the red arrow appears, or the price breaks away from the lower line. Again, an ideal stop loss should be placed above the box.

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Darvas Boxes indicator is one of the indicators that provide great sell and buy signals. It encompasses numerous strategies, including retouching and channel trading. By detecting potential price reversals and showing exactly where to enter the trade, the indicator can help you rake in good profits. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Darvas Boxes nmc MT4 Forex Indicator Free Download