The Advanced Trendlines Indicator MT4 draws trendlines on the activity chart and places them correctly.

How does the advanced trendlines forex indicator MT4 works?

This forex strategy identifies the chart’s highs and lows and connects them with chart trendlines. It has a high risk-to-reward ratio(R: R), which is why it is a common choice for forex traders. The biggest challenge faced by this forex strategy is identifying the chart lows and chart highs and making the proper placement of the chart trendlines. Placing chart trendlines requires a good eye, trading abilities, and professionalism. Even forex experts may not be able to discern the developing market trends. The trick of identifying and positioning chart trendlines is super easy with the forex advanced Trendlines Indicator.

Working on advanced trendlines MT4

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The forex advanced Trendlines Indicator for MT4 recognizes every market trend and precisely puts chart trendlines that connect them automatically in the mt4 chart. The indicator puts chart trendlines in right place by linking two or more chart lows or highs. Red color trendlines show the trendlines that connect to two chart highs or higher. Furthermore, the chart trendlines relating to two or more chart lows are highlighted in a deep blue-sky color, as shown in the figure below.

How does trade advance trendlines indicators?

The Trendlines forex Indicator automatically detects various chart patterns that are developing. Different chart trendlines in the graph highlighted these market trends. The red line links the chart high to higher levels or a new chart higher to lower highs.


Connecting a high with an upper high using this forex indicator means the forex market is trending upwards. Therefore, linking chart low to lower highs indicates that the forex market is trending down.

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In addition, the deep sky-blue color line connects a chart lower low with an upper low or lows to chart lower lows. Joining a low with new highs with this forex indicator means the forex market is trending upwards. But, connecting an old low with new lower lows shows you are in a downward trend.

Chart patterns

The trendline forex indicator helps to recognize chart patterns. These chart patterns include wedges rising and falling upward and downward triangles, symmetrical triangular, pennants, and so on.

A Trendlines Advanced forex Indicator can be an effective instrument for professional and new traders. The new traders can utilize this forex indicator to guide them in establishing chart trendlines and making profitable trades. Advanced forex traders use this indicator to verify their findings and be aware of new trends.

Inputs of advanced trendlines indicator

The following table shows the input indicator settings of the trendline indicator. Feel free to experiment with these settings. Advanced-trendlines-indicator-inputs


The advanced Trendlines forex Indicator MT4 is a helpful tool that automatically places trendlines accurately. This forex indicator is a great instrument to detect forming chart trends patterns and chart patterns.

This forex indicator works across all mt4 timeframes; however, higher timeframes offer the most influential market trend formation. 

Advanced Trendlines Forex Indicator MT4 Free Download