What instrument allows you to have a 100% return on investment every single month? It cannot be share and stock as the return by Warrant Buffet, and the world’s most significant investor is only 25% as best over the annual rate of return. If you trade shares or options with leverage, you can achieve a 25% rate of return monthly at most. But with forex trading at 500:1 or 200:1 leverage, it is not a dream to achieve 100% every month.

What is Forex Trading?

Forex is the largest financial trading market out there, and it opens 24 hours for five days per week, floating from 1 foreign exchange market to another around the world. It is recorded more than 3.5 Trillion worth of currency are traded daily. Leveraging enables the trader to trade and earn up to 100% of its capital sum within days.

Example of trade in Dollars

You start with 1000 USD in a 500:1 leverage account. By playing full 100k contract Forex trading, you will need 200 USD to hold on as margin for every one lot you buy. Every pip will cost you $10, and if you gain 100 pips per trade, you will yield $1000 every day if you trade one lot with 100 pips profit per day. Every single currency will range from hundreds of pips to thousand of pips every month. If you can gain 100 pips every single month, you will get a 100% return on investment every single month. This is possible if you are consistent in trading.

Getting 100% profit every month

If you are more conventional and going with low risk, you can play forex trading using a mini lot, which works out to $1 a pip and will need 1000 pips every month. Many strategies give you a 200 pips average every month. You need to choose five good strategies and run them for one year to earn one million dollars. Always go with five or more strategies, so you will still make if any strategy is not profitable at that month.

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Profit 1100 pips and loss only 1000 pips

If you manage to earn like 1100 pips monthly but lose 1000 pips that same month, with the remaining 100 pips profit, using 100K contract, you will still earn $1000 every single month, which is 100% ROI. Being consistent for the full 12 months and you will earn at least 1 million dollars. This is taking into account that your drawdown does not trigger margin call every time. And you increase your trading lot size gradually once you reach 100% ROI in the capital. (2k = 2lot, 1k= 1lot, 4k= 4lot, 8k = 8lot and continues)
Forex trading is made easy nowadays with the MT4 trading platform. This MT4 software comes with a programming language to code your winning strategy and a strategy tester for you to test. These codes are called Expert Advisor, and there are many Expert Advisors out there that give you more than 100% ROI that you can choose.