Magic FX Formula mt4 Indicator V2 forex indicator was developed and submitted online by the website It is a magnificent forex indicator for use by experienced and beginners in Forex. Sometimes it is viewed as too sophisticated for help, but that is not the case. Firstly, it doesn’t make your chart look too disorganized. It displays just the correct information for the trader to do their trading. The chart is left clear for the trader to have at least a view of what is and has been happening in the forex market.

Besides giving your chart a clean appearance, it is also a tested indicator that has shown a tremendous turnaround in helping traders make good profits. It is among the few other indicators that can guarantee maximum consistent profit if you follow its signals. You can depend on this indicator to make as much as 999 dollars daily. You don’t have to be a professional trader to do this. It is designed to help those unable to make the correct descriptions of whether to sell entry or buy. However, if you are a professional forex trader and still want to go ahead and use it, you should still use it; it will add to the profits you are making.

Using this forex indicator, you don’t have to be restricted to any timeframe. You can use the indicator in any time frame as you want. You can use this forex indicator on the tighter timeframes if you are a scalper. also, if you are a long-term trader, you can use this indicator to place your long-term trade using the higher timeframes. You

The indicator incorporates an indicator alert methodology that includes both emails and sounds. The emails are beneficial if you have not logged into your live trading account on the Metatrader platform(MT4). In such cases, when you peruse your web emails, you will be able to get the indicator alert, and you can open your trading account and trade. If you don’t want any of this, you click on the charts button at the top of the mt4 chart and then click on the forex indicators list. You then double-click on the Magic FX Formula and go to the inputs tab of the drop-down box. Then you can edit the value segment of the settings AlertOn and Email to false.

How to use the forex Magic FX Formula indicator V2 to put your trades

The Magic FX Formula mt4 indicator V2 displays red color and green dots. The red color dots are displayed when the trend is downwards, while the green color dots are displayed when the trend is up.

As a forex trader, you should place a sell entry when there is a red arrow pointing down and a “SELL” on top of it in the top right corner. This is shown in the figure below. selling-using-the-Magic-FX-Formula-indicator-V2

Fig.1. Magic FX Formula Indicator V2 selling signal.

To buy, there must be a green color arrow on the top right corner and a “BUY” below it. This is illustrated below. buying-using-the-Magic-FX-Formula-indicator-V2

Fig.2. Magic FX Formula Indicator V2 signal for buying.

After opening your positions, you should not forget to set your stops; both stop loss and take profit.

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Magic FX Formula Forex Indicator V2 Free Download